Relationships in a community clownfish and sea anemone youtube video

Whale Research

Food web games

Build a Food Web
Fun with Food Webs
Food chains
Food Chain Game
-lots of games about animal adaptations
Adaptations2 - more games
Animal Games. -food chain, producer, consumer, habitat, Animal Games

http://www.vtaide.com/png/foodchains.htm (reading page) Animal Websites World Book Online for Kids
Animals and their habitats; search for animals – shares info about animals and habitats; pictures and video

The Great Habitat Match-up game - Play a quick game of “MSB’s The Great Habitat Match-up Game; learn what a habitat is and that nearly extinct animals need their habitats protected; match 5 animals to their habitats and learn facts about them

**http://www.discoverycenter.org/curriculum/Living/liv_inter.htm#animals** - Lots of links to interactive animal-related sites
**http://www.uen.org/utahlink/activities/view_activity.cgi?activity_id=4750** - Animal adaptations
Food Chains
**http://www.crickweb.co.uk/ks2science.html** - SmartBoard activity on Food Chains (producer, consumer) – uses river, woodland and seashore habitats (click on “Food Chains”)
**http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/scienceclips/ages/10_11/interdependence_fs.shtml** - Focus is “Interdependence and Adaptation”; find 8 living things in the woodland habitat; drag them to complete a food web; sort the animals based on ‘criteria’ (legs? shell?); complete a 10 question quiz; (click on the magnifying glass on the sorter page to find out more about the animal or plant)
Arctic Food web


**http://www.kidwings.com/index.htm** - owl pellet dissection (includes a link to a video and a virtual owl pellet dissection activity)
http://video.nationalgeographic.com/video/ - a variety of short videos/video clips on owls are available here for viewing on-line; go to this page and on the right hand side you’ll see videos by category; select animals – it takes a bit of time to load; then click on birds, then birds of prey; you’ll see 3 choices – Great Horned Owl, Hoot Cuisine, Snowy Owl)
http://www.worldbookonline.com/kids/Home - Select World Book Kids (search animals)
www.owlpages.com - This site was recommended by our presenter, Dr. Duncan
www.naturenorth.com - This site was recommended by our presenter, Dr. Duncan (he says to scroll down to “The Great Grey Owl”)


http://teacher.scholastic.com/products/instructor/pourquoitales.htm - Definition of pourquoi tales and samples of 3 very short tales
**http://www.ihms.mb.ca/News%20&%20Events/News%20&%20Events%201999-2000/story_vines.html** - Shows sample story vines

Food Web Plasticine Activity

Barbara Reid's website
Food web games