Producer Game
Food Chain Game
Food Web- create a food web and print it!
Habitat Game
Build a habitat
Research Site
Where do I live?

The Evergreen Project - biomes of the world
National Wildlife Federation - conservation group, uniting individuals, organizations, businesses and government to protect wildlife, wild places, and the environment.
Endangered Animals - a web page designed for the grade 4 project on endangered animals.
Animal Planet - Wild Animals A - Z - A listing of a wide variety of animals.

Canadian Geographic Kids - Canadian Animal Fact Sheets - Canadian Geographic Kids has classified their Canadian animal fact sheets by species and by province / territory.
National Geographic Kids: A - Z Animals Directory - Has information on a wide variety of animals. Has many features including: a fast facts sheet, maps of the animal's range, photographs, you can even hear what your animal sounds like.
CANADIAN ANIMALS This webpage was made by J. Giannetta, a retired teacher from Regina, Saskatchewan. This website is linked off her award winning “Webpages for Students” site.
Aaron Burnett’s Call of the Wild Website - Aaron Burnett is a Juno Award Nominee. He currently has three children’s albums out. Many of his songs are about Canadian animals and his website has an educational link to information about Canadian Animals.

BBC Nature Wildfacts - Quick facts on all kinds of animals.