Canada's NorthArctic animal research

Canada's North is our exciting new Social Studies unit! We will be learning all about the Inuit in the past and present!

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Pangnirtung, Nunavutfind information about a Northern Community, including prices of food.

Winnipeg Food Prices
Life in the north - video
Iqualuit tour- fall
Iqualuit tour - winter
Iqualuit tour - spring
Iqualuit tour - summer
Weather in Morris

**Weather in Iqualuit**
Inuit Intro
Pictures of Iqualutit and Resolute Bay

What is an Inukshuk? - video
How to build an Inukshuk

Northern Lights - Watch a You Tube video
Northern lights in motion

What are the northern lights?

Inuit bone and stick game

Drum Dancing

Inuit Song

Inuit Yo yos

Dog Sledding Video


15 words in inuktituk -click on word to hear it

10 words in inuktituk

Music from the North

Inuit Song Singing in Inuktitut Inuit Art and Throat Singing Susan Aglukark


Michael Kusugak Learn all about this author and his books. Learn to say words in Inuktitut under "The Stories".
Michael Kusugak storyteller Listen to Michael Kusugak talk about his stories.

The North
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Grade 4 Social Studies Links PTSD - many links according to curriculum topics
The Arctic - from Saskschools - great page created for young students
The Inuit - the People - find out about the people of the arctic

Athropolis - great site for everything polar, arctic or cold
NOAA - Arctic Theme Page - images and more
Threads of the Land - arctic traditional clothing
Library and Archives Canada - Inuit - information on all aspects of northern life - good reading level
Canadian Museum of Civilization - Arctic Whalers
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada - Inuit Art Collection
Traditional Inuit Games
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada - Inuktitut Language
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - The Frozen Ground in the Arctic
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - The Tundra
Athropolis Arctic Glossary - meanings of many words used in the study of the Arctic
Why is the Arctic Cold? - and explanation
The Tundra
Biomes of the World - Tundra
Inuit Gallery of Vancouver - beautiful photos of Inuit art
Arctic Maps - maps of the arctic area at the top of the world
Athropolis Links - Arctic Maps