Rocks and Minerals
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Here are some sites you can check out:Rocks for kids
Volcano World
Rocks and Minerals

Geo-Mysteries @ the Children's Museum of Indianapolis - excellent site! Try the Geo Mysteries with Rex the Dinosaur Detective. These interactive problems include animations, information and deductive reasoning to find the answers to the mysteries.
The Rock Cycle - excellent diagram of the cycle.
The Rock Hound - don't miss this awesome resource. Quizzes, activities and lesson plans for a unit on rocks and minerals.
Rocks and Minerals Slide Show - see examples of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.
Rock and Minerals for kids - lots of definations and vocabulary
BBC Rocks and Minerals - info and video
Interactive Rock Cycle
Who am I ? rock game
Rock Family Reunion
Hardness test game
How we use minerals
24 interactive sites
Rock game
Rocks Rock Harder - song by Bill Nye
Pet Rock Theatre - Erosion - Bill Nye
Bill Nye - Erosion
Glaciers and thier effects video
Study Jams - Weather and Erosion Video
Changing Earth - erosion video